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We know how challenging it is to download videos on TikTok. Again, you have to cope with the apps watermark popping up all over your screen when watching a video. Have you ever wondered if there could be a solution to these annoying encounters? Well, you have come to the right place. You are about to discover how to get TikTok videos for free, efficiently, and swiftly!

After recognizing how frustrating the TikTok app and other TikTok video downloader apps can be, our certified professionals have devised a solution for you. Downloaderi.com is a free website service that provides seamless TikTok saver features without a watermark. Now, you can get TikTok to MP4 without the logo and username obstructing your fun.

Downloaderi.com ensures that you get free Ultra High-Quality MP4 TikTok video format. Hence, you can play the video on all devices (computers, tablets, and mobile) and all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) To use our website, you do not need to register or install third-party software like plugins or apks.

We offer you the best TikTok video downloader because it is free, easy, and very fast. There are no limits to how many times or videos you can download. Guess what? In just three simple steps, you will get your desired TikTok video. You can transfer all Videos from a TikTok Account to your computer.

This is a Tik Tok video downloader that will grab your favorite Tik Tok videos, convert them in mp4 and save them forever. If you only want to grab the music from a Tik Tok video, there's also an excellent Tik Tok to MP3 downloader that will work perfectly for your needs.

Three Simple Steps to Use Downloaderi

1. Navigate to the post containing the video you want Downloaderi.com to download.

* On the TikTok app: Click on the share icon and tap on Copy Share URL.

* On Web Browser: Open your favorite video and click on Copy Link.

2. Paste the link of your favorite video to the URL text box.

3. Click the Download TikTok Video button, and the video will appear in your download folder.

No watermark

The video is downloaded right away without a watermark TikTok.

Music downloads

Extract any audio clips from TikTok videos without wasting time searching for them on the internet

No unwanted software

No need to install third-party software of plugins for your browser

Instant downloads

A Tik Tok video of your liking will be save to your device right away with no pauses or delays

Playback on any device

Download materials on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC

Everything is free

We repeat once more: the videos will cost you nothing

The file will be downloaded to a default folder set in browser, usually it is «Download». You can select another from the settings, just for downloading TikTok videos.

At the moment, you can only download videos one by one. Repeat the downloading steps for videos you want to save. We work to optimize it for more convenience in the future.

This means that the owner of the video you are trying to download has made their user profile private. TikTok shows a notification if there is no way to continue watching. These videos cannot be downloaded.

There are no limits: download any number of TikTok videos, the only limit is the storage space of your device.

Our service remove TikTok watermark and allows you to save Tik Tok video to Mp4 format.

Our service remove TikTok watermark and allows you to save Tik Tok video to Mp4 format.

After pasting a link to TikTok video to our site, press «Download» and then select «Music.mp3» from the list.