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This converter allows you to convert tik tok mp4 to mp3 with just a few steps. You can now easily convert thousands of videos from tik tok into your favorite songs. It has never been easier to use this tiktok mp4 to mp3 converter.

How to download tiktok to mp3

1. Visit the Tiktok post that contains the music you want the tiktok to mp3 converter to download for you.

2. Copy your favorite video URL.

• On the Tiktok App

- Tap the Share Button

- Tap “Copy Share URL” or “Copy link”•to copy the video URL you want to download to the clipboard.

• On Web Browser

- Open your favorite video post.

- Tap to "Copy Link" URL as shown on image.
1. In the downloader URL text box, insert the URL.

2. Tap the“Download Tiktok Music”button to start downloading the Tiktok song on your local phone or PC storage. You will see how this tool turn mp4 into mp3 easily and for free