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About the Tiktok Video Downloader

This is a Tiktok video downloader that helps to download Tiktok videos online. The downloader allows you to save Tiktok videos to your device (mobile phone or computer). The Tiktok download process takes three simple steps that make it possible for you to save your favorite Tiktok videos to your local drive using this tool. Before you can download a video from Tiktok, you need to have the video link that you will copy and paste in the URL link space provided and hit the download button.

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Important notice:
You should be aware that 'protected or private Tiktok accounts' can only be accessed by their followers. In this case, our server cannot access the content of such account unless you have access to it. The only Tiktok account our server can access is one that is available to the public where it is possible for our Tiktok downloader to help you download videos, photos and music content to your phone or PC storage for later access.

Instruction to download Tiktok video

1. Visit the Tiktok post that contains the video you want the Tiktok video downloader to download for you.

2. Copy your favorite video URL.

• On the Tiktok App

- Tap the Share Button

- Tap “Copy Share URL” or “Copy link” to copy the video URL you want to download to the clipboard.

How to download from mobile

• On Web Browser

- Open your favorite video post.

- Click to "Copy Link" URL as shown on image.
1. In the downloader URL text box, insert the URL.

2. Click the“Download Tiktok Video”button to start downloading the Tiktok Video.

How to download from desktop

How to download Tik Tok video on iPhone?
Install the "Documents by Readle" app from the AppStore. Copy the link of the tiktok video and launch Documents by Readle App. Go to the web browser icon. Go to and paste the link to the video tiktok video downloader. The video will be downloaded to your deivce.